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Sonar for AUV carthography/mapping

Hi, I am building an AUV and i want to use a sonar to perform cartography and mapping for the floor. I am building a prototype and i am looking for a sonar in the range of 15K which will allow me to make a proof of concept then i will get a better one. I want to get a sonar able to perform a mapping/cartography tasks at 100 meters of depth even with a small precision.

Hello Rami,

The tritech sidescan sonar is best in class for this and about 15K.

That said there is a cheaper alternative for bluerobotics ROVs.



Hi. Are you aware of the availability and price of this deepvision side scanner?

its about 6K I think

Why is it so expensive if an 1,2 MHz Sidescan with High Resolution like a Raymarine Elements is ~ 1700$ ?.

Those aren’t made for underwater use and volume of sales make a big difference in cost…

I own one of the deep vision systems. They are pretty good rigs. You can seal the electronics in epoxy and mount them anywhere on your ROV, and you have total control over the sonar from the topside computer.

The fish finder side scan systems have similar image quality, but you’d have to mount the entire GPS display inside your ROV to make it work. And you couldn’t monitor it from the surface while it was recording data. As far as I’m aware, you can’t extend the transducer cables much longer than they come from the factory.

If you want to go the fishfinder route, however, I’d recommend a Humminbird Helix 5 SI. Best bang for the buck with data quality.

Also, I wouldn’t buy a small sonar system with a frequency higher than 800 Khz. The range falls off really fast higher than that, and the the resolution improvement is negligible, in my experience.

For fishfinder Sidescan there are possibilities.
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