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Sketchup model for T200 Thruster

(miro halicek) #1

Hi, I am going to get the T200 thruster and use it to power my sea kayak, currently I am using the Watersnake T18 capable up to 4 knots, and I am looking forward to compare it with the T200 hoping to reach the hull speed (I supplement the motor with paddling so its theoretically promising). However I am just an old amateur kayak builder and do not have any of the software (or skills) to open the thruster models you published. Do any of you have a skp model to use with Sketchup-Make please, or at least a fully dimensioned pdf print so I can model it myself? I tried the free Autocad viewer and opened one of the models but I can not grab the right points on the model and use the measure tool with confidence. Thank you!

(Adam) #2

Hi Miro,

I think a T200 will work well for you in powering your kayak, we have a number of user here who have done so with great results! About 4 knots should be doable from what we’ve seen from others.

We only have models of our products available in Solidworks Part, STEP, IGES, and STL files, and do not have any Sketchup files. However, there are a couple free CAD programs you can use to open these files to manipulate the models and read accurate dimensions:

  • Onshape is free for personal hobbyist use
  • Fusion 360 is free for educational use, and has a free 30 day trial for all other purposes


(Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen) #3

Actually, Fusion 360 is also free for hobbyists (non-commercial use) and for startups making < $100k.

(miro halicek) #4

Thank you for your quick response, Onshape worked fine and got the dimensions I needed!