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ROVs in the movies--Spare Parts

(Jim Forbes) #1

There’s a movie about a high school underwater robotics team, opening next Friday (Jan 16) across the US. Spare Parts, starring George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marisa Tomei. What does this have to do with Blue ROV? The Carl Hayden Robotics Team (the subject of the movie) has several T100 thrusters, that they plan to use on the new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle that they are building for the 2015 AUVSI RoboSub competition, to be held in San Diego this July.

I got to attend the world premiere screening of the movie…it’s a great film! Be sure to see it. And you’re encouraged to laugh at the scenes that feature sparks and such. It’s a serious film, but humor is sprinkled throughout.

(Kevin) #2

Here’s the link to the Spare Parts official website and trailers:


(Rusty) #3

We’ll be watching it! Excited to see it.


(Jim Forbes) #4

star power




(Rusty) #5


That’s awesome! Very cool picture. Thanks for sharing.