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ROV2 video stream integrated in a browser page

I want to display the stream of video frames from the ROV2 camera in a browser page, where the browser does not connect directly to the ROV2. I’m building a browser-based interface to the ROV2. The browser UI provides a very limited ability to control the ROV.
I have found the pages in this forum which mention gstreamer and I am able to consume video frames and display them from the command line. I’ve also found mention of using gstreamer as an intermediate proxy. However, I’ve been unable to find the collection of HTML and Javascript which can consume the output of the proxy and display the video.
Where can I find an example of what I’m trying to do? Is using gstreamer as a proxy a reasonable approach? I would rather not require my user base to add plugins to their browser or extra software to their computer.

Hi @billmania

Check this pull request. Janus is probably the best way to go.

You can run it in another machine, as long as you can forward the video stream to it.