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ROV Shipwreck in Baltic Sea

In the Baltic Sea we have lots of nice shipwrecks.
Here we visit a ship from the 17th century where “everything is left”. Similar to the ship “Vasa” but in a smaller format.
On this occasion, we had a corporate event and showed the guests around the wreck along with the divers who helped with lights.
The vessel is called “Bodekull” and rests at a depth of 30 m.

Read more about the shipwreck: Vrak - Dalarövraket / Bodekull


Hej @niklas_diver,

Really cool to see - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I always find shipwrecks fascinating, and seeing firsthand exploration-type footage is a fun way to get a sense of what the wreck looks like in person. Also, that 3D model (in your link) is spectacular! :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. I was cruising in the Stockholm archipelago this summer and had a BROV on board. Can anyone with a capable vehicle go and look at it, or are there permits/permissions required?

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