Remote power shut off?

Yes, the ESC’s will still draw about 3 Watts according to earlier posts, but simply having ability to turn off controls and reboot without opening still has a lot of value. I do like the idea of topside on off capability though even if just to reboot while subsea.

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I am considering adding a 100A SSR to the battery compartment, with a Blue Robotics external switch in the endcap. I have the BR battery pack. Any issues with using the charge balance connector as power source for the control circuit? The datasheet for the SSR states 15mA maximum input current for the control circuit. Also they say inductive loads must be diode suppressed, but I assume that because the motor loads are managed through the ESCs that doesn’t apply in our application… is that a correct assumption?

Here is the datasheet: Solid State Relays | Sensata Technologies



In The Case of Reboot Idea the Idea is Perfect as Per Earlier Post Is Considered.

BUMP this up from 2017. Is BR working on something for all of us so we conserve our expensive Li batteries???

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