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Raspberry Pi Physical Hardware Setup with Bar30 and Sonar360

I’m interested in hooking the RPi up to both the Bar30 and another Rpi to the Sonar360.
I have not been able to find any documentation that describes the process!

Forgive me, I am new to all of this!

The datasheet for the Bar30 pressure sensor shows that 2 10K pullup resistors are required on the VDD inputs, and casually mentions a 100nanofarad capacitor, not sure if that decoupling cap is to be soldered directly to the gel sensor before inserting in the penetration shield (instruction says to keep as close as to vdd pin, doesn’t describe in detail)

the Bar30 we purchased comes with a DF13 connector, which is not compatible with the raspberry pi; am i correct in assuming i can snip that connector and crimp on some dupont connectors so i can attach them to the GPIO pins on the Pi??

now , for the sonar360,

my employer wants to know if we can run the sonar sensor WITHOUT the BLUART interface, they left the sensor with me, and it does NOT have the 6pin JST connector… The arduino guide shows the Sonar360 similarly configured, and directly attached to the arduino, with no external pullups, caps, etc…

IS the physical setup for the Rpi the same??
Thanks in advance,

Hi James,

Both Bar30 and Ping360 can be connected to the Raspberry without problems.
For Bar30, since it’s a I2C connection, you’ll need to use the I2C pins in the raspberry or a USB-I2C adapter.
For Ping360, you can use the ethernet connector, the raspberry serial pins or an USB-UART adapter as (BLUART). For each setup a different configuration is necessary, so take a look in the documentation to make it clear.