Raspberry pi 4 red light turning off

Hey so Im currently having some issues, we are using a raspberry pi 4 to power 2 arduino uno r3 via usb to type a, our raspberry pi’s light turns off around the same time our 3rd set of esc initialize. However sometimes it lets us connect to the raspberry pi then the light turns off and stays off but we don’t lose connection to our 2 usb cameras and all our controls. Today however it will not let us ssh into it leaving us a little skeptical cuz it’s receiving 5.0V through the pins rather than type c cable. Any help will be appreciated

Around 12 seconds the red light turns off

Hi @Dwarf, sorry for the delay on responding to this.

Raspberry Pi’s don’t tend to have great USB power output, so if possible it’s best to provide power directly from a BEC / voltage regulator / powered USB hub rather than relying on the power from the Pi’s USB port, especially when there are several components that require power.

If you’re concerned that power draw is excessive and is stopping the Pi from operating correctly, you can always try disconnecting some components to see whether the normal connection gets re-established as a result :slight_smile: