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Pymavlink and rc override for autonomous guidance in ACRO mode

Hello Jacob! I am joining the competition of AUV’s and i can not control my vehicle by scripts. Finally i found this code and it worked but it does not set the velocity of each motors, all of motors are turning same velocity. Can you share examples or can you say what should i do?

Hi @mech, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Not sure what exactly you’re referring to here. You can control the rotational speed of a thruster (RPM) by the relationship specified in our T200 technical details (there’s a chart of RPM vs ESC PWM input value). Assuming you’re running our companion computer and a Pixhawk with ArduSub on it (with a valid frame for your AUV design) you should be able to use pymavlink to send control commands to the Pixhawk.

The code in this thread is for operating in ACRO mode (some details here), which you may not require. I’d suggest you start with working your way through our pymavlink examples, and you can post follow-ups if a particular piece of functionality isn’t working as expected, or isn’t clearly documented in an understandable way :slight_smile: