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Problem with offline maps

Hello Ardu Community! I have problem with choosing offline maps. I downloaded some sets from qgc, did it on a certain scale. So I have some family of sets. See Picture below. I have problem with offline choosing of needed map from set. It’s not displayed on scene, I can only see, as cut piece, default set. QGC downloaded default set automatically, I can’t choose set manually. How can I do that, if it possible? When I removed default set, all other sets are removed automatically, how to avoid it? It’s to heavy pictures, can’t download them all. Also I saw putting esri account, is it possible to download and use such maps?

I believe it only shows the offline maps that correspond with the chosen map provider and type in settings. So if you downloaded a VWorld roadmap it only shows it if Application settings->general->miscellaneous->Map provider and Map type are also VWord map.

Hope this helps.