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Powered USB vs Ethernet

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to design a simple waterproof webcam. The webcam would run up to a dry box on a floating device connecting to a cellphone for recording/streaming. The max depth this would need to go is 35 feet. I know normal usb doesn’t go beyond 15 ft. But seen some webcam data transferring over powered repeater usb.

I’ve seen the devices offered by blue robotics, for the single fathom-x. Is there a better/cheaper/simpler option?

I’m open to suggestions.


A reasonably simple option would be to use an IP camera. Then you can use ethernet cable (or Fathom tether) to get you to the depth you need. That would get you hundreds of feet. Over 35ft, you could even power the camera over the spare wires in the ethernet cable.

Consider something like this.

Topside you would either need a router or some way of attaching your phone to the network. You can check you phone for compatible USB to ethernet adapters, or put a small wifi router.


Thanks Chris, I will look into this!

A Raspberry Pi on the topside with a cell dongle might allow for more flexibility than a phone. https://www.balena.io/ have some nice management tools for a Pi and it is free up to 10 devices.