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Power supply protection circuit using LiPO 4S batteries and ESC

My system is based on a Raspberry Pi controller + two T200 thrusters and related BlueRobotics ESCs.
It is powered by a 4S LiPo battery, with a DC/DC converter providing 5V power supply for the controller.

Do you suggest/recommend/require any kind of filters or protection measures between LiPO power bank and ESCs?
Is it possible to connect LiPO battery directly to the ESCs?

Are ESCs/motors affected by ripples/in rush currents or EMC/EMF issues?

Do you have any application notes or suggestions I can follow in my design?


This seems very similar to the electronics in the BlueROV2.

The Battery is connected directly to to ESCs and a BEC (dc-dc converter) that powers both the Pixhawk and Raspberry Pi.

What other systems do you have connected to the battery?

The ESCs themselves generate a good amount of noise and voltage spikes (they charge the battery back when braking), so I would only worry about choosing a reliable DC-DC converter (like our 5 V 6 A BEC).

I’m not an expert on the subject, though.