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Possible to order Bluerobotics ESCs without pre-soldered wires?

Hi folks,

We’ve used Basic ESCs in the past for our MATE competition ROVs, and we’re continually frustrated by how they have wires pre-soldered to them. We’ve had some success, but run the risk of damaging other components, and the solder used for them is pretty tough. Would it be possible to order them without the wires soldered to power and the motor phases? We’d also be interested in a version without the heat spreader, so we can attach our own cooling solution.

Thank you,
Theo Kell
UC Santa Cruz

Hi @theokell,

The Basic ESC is not available in any other configuration, unless placing an order with a quantity in at least the high hundreds to low thousands.

I just tried desolder the wires, and was able to do so within a second or two for each connection with a hot tinned soldering iron, easily and with no danger of damage to anything else. What kind of soldering iron are you using? A wider tip may help.

The heat speader will also pop off without too much effort, fingers and fingernails should be enough. You can also add your own solution directly on top of the heat spreader.

For future reference, a better venue for this type of personally relevant sales question is our sales email, sales@bluerobotics.com.


Use flux if you are having difficulties.