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Polyurethane potting


while looking for available potting compound in Canada, I found this :https://www.mgchemicals.com/downloads/tds/tds-8800-2parts.pdf

It might stick more easily on the polyurethane tether, No?
Does some one tried it?


Not all polyurethanes are created equal. The chemistry of the two polyurethane substrates need to be the same. You have ether and ester backbones. Normally a poly in the same family will stick to each other … they are not happy with the other family.

I would venture to say the polyurethane tether might be in the Estane series of polys … only the OEM can tell you. If it is Estane, you need to stick to a compatible chemical. I mention Estane because just about all of the Thermal Plastic Urethane jacketed cables I deal with for subsea are that formulation. Really good material.

Just a follow up on this.
I tried the urethane potting. It was easy to mix and to pore but took a lot of time to cure 24h+ and despite all my care, it was producing some bubbles at the surface and part of the cast did not cure at all. It made a descent splice since I was able to use my tether in the water up to 20m (did not try deeper) but was far from esthetic because of the air bubble during curing. They recommend to remove the air with a vaccum. Maybe I should have try this. That being said, I have some more so I will give other try and reports of progress if any.