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Ping sonar, responce time for enable/disable command?


How long time to I need to wait from set_ping_enable 1 until I can get a fresh value from distance_simple? Assume 0-10 m depth.

How fast will the unit shut of if I send set_ping_enable 0?

How close can I have two transducers that transmit at the same time?

This will be shallow water survey so max 10 m depth which reduces the expected wait time for the echo but multipath might be an issue (bouncing from surface and back to bottom and up to transducer again).

I will talk directly to the ping sonar using an embedded system with hi real time performance so I can control the serial communication at sub msec level. Speed will be 115200.

The story…
I’m planning on mounting 7 ping sonars on a 12 m long beam supported by two hulls for shallow water survey (0.5m to 10 m). The distance between each sonar will be 2 m which means that they will interfere if they are enable at the same time. The speed of the survey vessel will be 3 m/s and I would like to get 1 m between each ping if possible…
I would like to use the id feature of the protocol so I can have all 7 on the same line. I will buffer the transmit signal so it manages to transmit to 7 listeners. Is the id feature enabled?

This is the way I would like to control them.

  1. Get all 7 sonars running
  2. Disable them all by sending set_ping_enable 0 to all id
  3. Send set_ping_enable 1 to id 0
  4. Wait 50 msec?
  5. Send distance_simple to id 0
  6. Send set_ping_enable 0 to id 0
  7. Send set_ping_enable 1 to id 1
  8. Wait 50 msec?
  9. Send distance_simple to id 1
  10. Send set_ping_enable 0 to id 1
  11. Continue with id 2-6 and then start with id 0 again.