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Ping Sonar on buoy.. transmit full sonar via cellular?

I’d like to consider a use case for the ping sonar on a bouy that would be deployed all summer and periodically I’d switch it on and transmit the full sonar log via cellular to a server so we can log/ track fish activity in near real time. We have a RV50 by Sierra wireless on every buoy…4g lte with serial and ethernet connections.

Any help with how we might do that? We deploy about 20 bouys on the great lakes and this would be wicked cool to add a fish finder to the bouys. Any suggestions appreciated. Here’s an short video of what we do https://youtu.be/0HE8FhHOTmE

Hi Ed,

Yes it’s possible, but depends of the cellphone bandwidth that you are using.
If you follow our protocol documentation, it’s possible to calculate the number of bytes per message, and with your desired frequency, you can calculate the bandwidth necessary to transmit such data.
For a profile message we can calculate: 10 bytes for the message format + 226 bytes of payload (profile_data[ ] is 200 bytes), in a total of 236 bytes per message, resulting in 1888~bits.

Since ping uses a simple serial protocol, I believe that you could integrate it in your system without further issues. It’s possible also to use the continuous message to request ping to send periodic messages automatically.