Outland Technology Power Supply - LCD screen not turning on?

Hi all,

We have the full Outland Technology Power Supply system for the BlueROV2, and we tested it for the first time this morning. We followed the user guide instructions carefully, and started with the GFI tests for both HV+ and HV- (both completed with the tether unplugged, per the user guide).

The fans in the system behaved as expected for both GFI tests. However, the LCD screen at no point turned on. We haven’t seen any activity from the LCD screen at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you,

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Hi @zhrandell -
That is concerning! It sounds like your unit may have been damaged. Please reach out via our support form to start the replacement process. Sorry for the hassle!

Shoot, okay, thanks @tony-white. I started that form.

Please let me know if there’s anything else we ought to try in the meantime. (e.g., note that we didn’t try plugging in the tether to test the power system with a ROV, as we couldn’t verify the system status without the LCD screen).


Hi Zachary,
I just replied to your email. Sounds like something got unplugged during transport. We should be able to take care of this right away. Sorry for the trouble! -Sean