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(david) #1

has anyone tried to convert the camera to USB inside the ROV? I am using a single-twisted pair tether, not an ethernet cable for my tether and want to stream the video along with the data, in the same manner as the OpenROV.



(Rusty) #2

David - haven’t tried that but it sounds like it could be possible with a USB capture card. When using the Ethernet-based tether, we are using the Raspberry Pi camera since it connects to the board natively.


(david) #3

thx. I’m using a Beaglebone for prototyping so far and was hoping to stick to that.



(Rusty) #4


I have no experience with it, but the Beaglebone actually has an analog video input I believe. Might be worth looking into.


(david) #5

I think it’s output only :frowning: