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New Product: The Newton Subsea Gripper!

(Christian) #21

ok …tnx Rusty :wink: …for a task of target…well cant be too much actually(win or loose)… loosing the target is way worse than braking a bone( or use your imagination):/… but enough of That…(i know ;)…just if its possible to adjust it for worst case…or a diffferent task at all?..i can promice you this is waay to weak for a bodyrecovery by a foot!(or Any part) Garatiied. Been there done that:/ …and Hydolek is way strongr than the original Gripper. …and it was Not strong enough, for that task… couldn move the ROV at all!!.. so im wondering if i can increase or lock it?.. bec i have a way of “Holding”…but i would love to have a “Lock” macanism?..or will the gripper hold for 30 min full power ?..what your advise on that for “Holding” ? …not just for recovery, feks divesupport?.. just filming and by using the gripper, i need allmost no power for doing a task like that, but if i have to Hold the gripper, will itl consume a lot of power?

(Rusty) #22

Hi Christian, I don’t have any experience with body recovery in real life so I can’t say too much on the topic!

The gripper will hold at full grip strength indefinitely. It does not require any power to hold. When stopped it is always locked.


(Christian) #23

ok tnx for info :wink:


Is it possible to find 3D drawings of the gripper arms? stp or stl would be nice.

(Kevin) #25

Hi @Mikxie We have the 3D model for the Newton Gripper in the Technical Details tab.

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