New 35 ah Battery

Hi all

I have just received a new battery which should give me a longer operating window, particularly as I can carry two of them in this ROV. It will make it something of a heavy beast at 30 kg with two batteries on board and only leave me with 1.5kg payload but 70 ah should provide plenty of power between battery changes.
I will be testing it over the next month or so.


Woah - that’s some decent capacity!

One of those is a touch shy of our mega battery, but is seemingly also significantly lighter (presumably due to not having the metal cans), and ours isn’t compatible with T200s*.

Keen to hear how it goes! :slight_smile:

*Note: there does seem to be a mis-print in the “Rate Capacity” row of your battery’s sticker - the “22.2 V” there is a common nominal voltage for a 6S battery (like our mega battery), and is not within the range a 4S battery should reach.

Most likely fine, but still worth a sanity check of the voltage before plugging it in.

Hi Eliot

Thanks for the heads up on the 22.2V possibility. Did a voltage check and it is indeed 4S so just a labelling mistake . Could have been expensive!

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