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MS5837 question

(Richard) #1

I intend to run the subject sensor I2C in parallel with my LSM303 compass sensor module. The LSM303 has a unique identifier of 50. What is the identifier for the MS5837 and where is it inserted in the program. In the example program provided I see no place to put an identifier.



(Rusty) #2

Hi Richard,

The MS5837 uses the address 0x76 (hex) or 118 (decimal). That’s defined in the library cpp file. Here’s the line.

The MS5837 can only use that address so it is hardcoded into the library and there isn’t a place to change it in the example program.



(Richard) #3

Okay, thanks.

(Ben) #4

Rusty, may that pressure sensor be controllable just with Arduino? I was thinking of using that Ms5837 as a means of holding depth.

Thanks in advance, Ben

(Rusty) #5

Hi Ben,

Yes, the pressure sensor can be used with an Arduino but you’ll need to use a “logic level converter” since most Arduinos run at 5V logic levels and the sensor uses 3.3V.