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Motor does not stop blinking

(Mostafa) #1

hi ,
now , i am making an rov ,there is 2 Motors blinking
indicating “Regular startup with nothing special detected”, and it does not stop blinking
it seems that it’s address is ok on the I2C bus but it doesnot respond to any commands
it always print :
ESC1: OK 0.00 0 RPM 0.00 V -36.76 A -273.15 `C

it also does not wrok with servo code ,

it also does not work when i put with its own power source.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Mostafa,

Which LED is blinking?

I just started a topic for an issue that has been happening in several cases. Does this sound like your issue?




(Mostafa) #3

The red Led .
Yes , that is my issue , but when i try to flash the hex file, the software “kk multicopter tool” says "Time Out"
but when i try to flash other thrusters that works fine it flashes successfully. it looks like as if it is in a loop and does not respond to anything

(Rusty) #4


Okay. Try powering the thruster up right as you start the programming sequence. Sometimes it has a hard time getting into the bootloader and a power cycle helps.