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MATE Ranger rookie question

Hoping a MATE veteran can guide us: we bought 2 T200s for vertical thrusters to add to the Triggerfish kit for MATE. I can’t find regulations on delivering power to the T200s. There’s clearly no room off of the Triggerfish main board, I was thinking to split it off of the main power (after the fuse). We have our ESCs and code working with a potentiometer, just don’t want to fail inspection. Any help is appreciated!

How did your competition go?
It’s likely too late now, but I would have built a second control box. Connect the power and ground wires exiting Box 2 to the Trigger fish box power and ground wires (with a terminal block or what not.) immediately following the “merging” of these wires, I’d have installed the 15/20/25 amp fuse (depending on what size is appropriate for your setup, page 50ish of the Ranger manual goes into this.)
It’s important that the fuse is installed before the Anderson power connection- that is, on the side coming from your box, not the battery.

Alternatively, you could have scrapped your triggerfish board, just wiring your bilge pumps directly to your joysticks and then to power/ground. It’s kind of like the MINI ROV mission, where many teams wired a bulge pump directly to a pufferfish switch.

Thanks for the response, better late than never. We just added an Arduino for vertical, all else went well and we are looking forward to next year. Any tips for an underwater motor for an arm?