M10 Bulkhead Connectors Upgrade (BlueROV2 and others)

For any interested, SeaView Systems offers M10 Bulkhead connector upgrades for the BROV2. This can help implement industry standard subconn and seacon connectors. We offer multiple pinout versions for a variety of uses and devices. Below are some more details and specifications as well as the link to SeaView Systems’ product page for more pinout options to choose from.

SeaView Systems anodized aluminum micro circular bulkhead connectors feature M10-1.5 metric threads to suit Blue Robotics enclosures as well as other custom vehicle configurations. These wet-mateable connectors are depth rated to 7,000 meters (10,000 psi) and the anodized aluminum will not cause the electrolysis that can occur with traditional brass or stainless connectors. Available with 2 to 8 contacts, they mate with industry standard Subconn and Seacon micro circular wet mate connectors. Cat5e cables are available in 2ft lengths, or can be made to order in longer lengths.



Bulkhead Connector Depth Rating: 10,000 PSI (~7km)
Voltage rating: 300 V DC/AC rms
2, 3 and 4 contacts current rating: 10 A per contact (max 20 A per connector)
5, 6 and 8 contacts current rating: 5 A per contact (max 20 A per connector)
Operating Temperature: 20-140 °F, -6-60 °C
Insulation Resistance: >200 MΩ @ 1,000 VDC
Wire gauges: 2-4 pins: 18AWG, 5-8 pins: 22AWG
Thread size: M10-1.5
Includes size 2-014 O-ring

For more details, check out our product here: