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Lumen Light end cap removal

Has anyone successfully removed the end cap of one of these without destroying it? After locking the housing in a vise and pulling on the penetrators with pliers it would barely budge. (I achieved a small visible gap and yes the screws were removed.) I then made some prying attempts which gouged the aluminum. By this point I decided to go all out and sacrifice the unit in the name of “science” by whacking the hell out of it with a hammer and screw driver (which finally popped it out). Either the amount of suction is too intense for removal or something was seized. The fact that they are sold “pre-daisy chained” makes me think they aren’t the most user friendly things to open up. I still have one good unit left and will probably use it solo for now. Perhaps it’s best to just bite the bullet and use extra penetrators to wire each light separately (which seemed to be the verdict from the author of this post.) Not sure I want to trash another $100 light trying to get to the internals in an attempt to daisy-chain them.

After I remove the screws, I grab on the penetrators and turn the cap back and forth while pulling at the same time. Its a tight fir but eventually comes apart.