Lumen connections and control with raspberry pi


I was wondering if it is possible to connect two pre-connected Lumen light directly to a raspberry pi using a bluerov battery to power the lights and the raspberry pi to turn on and off the ligths. If so, can you give some clues on how to do it? Mainly regarding wire connections and how to turn on and off. Thanks!

Hi…there are heaps of standard 117V AC LED bulbs that work with dimmers and draw exceptionally low current however are incredibly brilliant. Simply be certain that when you get them, you demand “faint capable” bulbs…not all are. You don’t have to meddle with a RPi or coding for that. There are some DC LEDs that have 1000 lumen yield and work on 3.7 volt Li Poly batteries.

Hi @lbentes,

The Lumens can be controlled by either a PWM signal (1100-1900us) or turned on by connecting the signal wire directly to DC power, so yes this is possible :slight_smile:

If you just want to turn them on/off you can use one of the GPIO pins set up as a digital output, and set it high when you want the lights on and low when you want the lights off. If you want brightness control you’ll need to use a library that can output a PWM signal and connect the Lumen signal wire (yellow) to one of the compatible PWM pins for the library you choose. I discuss a couple of different Raspberry Pi python libraries that support PWM in this post.

Feel free to ask any follow-ups if something isn’t clear :slight_smile:

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117V AC is outside the realm of safe electrical work for anyone who isn’t appropriately trained and/or supervised, and doubly so if they’re operating it in or near water, so I wouldn’t suggest that for most people.

Fair point that there are bright lighting options that don’t require using programmed control, although in this case it seems likely that @lbentes is specifically interested in using a light that can be controlled with code rather than a mechanical switch or the like :slight_smile:

Thanks @EliotBR for your reply. The main idea is to create a deep baited camera, I will use a raspberry pi to control a gopro and lights, all using bluerobotics components, 3" aluminium tube and two Lumen lights. The problem is that I did not know how to connect the lights without damaging it, is it just connect directly to a battery (14.8v, 18Ah) and the yellow wire directly to a raspberry pi pin?

Cool project :slight_smile:

The Lumen Technical Details tab specifies that you can power them with anywhere from 7-48V, and the logic voltage can be anywhere from 3-48V.

That setup should work fine, as long as the raspberry pi’s ground is connected to the ground of the power supply (which should be the case already if you’re powering the raspberry pi with a step-down converter from the battery) :slight_smile:

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