Looking for image/clips underwater examples of lights preferably more than 4 lights

Hello all, and thank you for your time.

I bought 8 lights two 4 packs I had thought 4 front firing two down and two side firing, controlled on two channels, front and then the rest. I am on a wait for cameras but I will have a front bottom and left and right camera. I had thought I might have to buy one more 2 pack and then have two on each side and two on the bottom and then 4 up front, again all three on 3 channels.

there is a 4 week lead time on the camera’s so I have some time to consider if I am going down a good path or if am likely under doing it with lights. I care mainly about the front camera the other three are just to have better view when descending or if I am in a tight spot.

Thank you again for your time if you did or didn’t have a image/clip.

Hi @nfored,

I don’t have any relevant footage, but there are a couple of threads on extra lighting that might be worth taking a look at:

I would note that the Lumens originally had a linear brightness curve, but we changed to an exponential one, because we found that it was generally more important to have fine control over the lights in their low levels than it was to have extra light - especially in situations where particulates in the water are causing lots of back-scatter.

Just as an FYI, ArduSub currently only has built in support for two lighting channels, so you might need to get creative if you need more than that (e.g. one channel might need to be configured as a camera pan gimbal or something).

@EliotBR Glad you said this as I wanted to ask just this. The channel that is locked to the tilt control I think its 14 or 16 that is pwm servo, if I hooked lights up there could I change parameters so it defaults to starting at 1100us and not at 1500u or what ever position it tells the servo to hold. I have no tilt control so its just a free channel.

That first link is what made me start this thread. I felt good with four up front to see, and just minimal on the sides and bottom for emergency navigation. But that thread and the early testing of bluerov2 with the sled had me thinking is it enough. in the sled video when you look from blue’s perspective you see and it looks lit, but when you look from the sleds perspective it looks like blue is barely casting light.