Locked hub testing results

@ Rusty - Have you bench tested the thrusters in a “locked up” condition? I ran one of mine pretty hard for a few minutes with a shell jammed in the hub. Didn’t seem to do damage. Any idea what the current draw goes to when locked up and at 1900 usec PW? Being submerged as it was, there would be pretty good cooling.




If you’re talking about jammed but not badly enough that they stop turning, then no, we haven’t done extended testing like that. The conditions in this situation are completely dependent on the type of blockage.

For conditions where the thruster is completely jammed so that it can’t move, the ESC will have trouble getting it started. It will keep trying but the current won’t go very high since the ESC won’t get proper feedback of the motor speed. In this condition I would expect it to be about 1-2 amps.


I was asking about complete stoppage due to an obstruction. Sounds like no damage will occur. Thanks.