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Issue with bar30

We are using a bar30 and we try to put it in a water glass and it shows 600mbar but we are waiting for 1 bar ( Sensor in water). Could you give information about this difference?

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Not sure what you mean. To achieve 1 bar of pressure technically you need to put it in 10 meters of water… Are you pressurising the “glass” container?

Maybe there is some damage with your sensor. Could you provide the wiring and data recording? @vletalle

The Bar30 sensor is easily damaged, so I tried to protect it with cap. And carried out minimization electrochemical corrosion in structure inside:

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Hi Everyone,

I Worked with Valentin and we found a solution.
Valentin didn’t explain, we work with a Raspberry pi 4 B. And we just connected sensor on pi’s GPIO. We didn’t know how to use I2C protocol. And we learnt it need 2 resistors between SDA and Vcc and other between SCL and Vcc.
We used two 1,2kohm resistors.
Please check our plan !

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