Is ping2 the same as ping1d model?

You have previously used ping1d.

I’m trying to buy an additional sonar, but ping1d doesn’t exist.
Ping2 replaced the position.

So, Is the protocol and implementation the same upgrade version?
Should I use ping1d in the ping-viewer?

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Hi @saris,

There are two different concepts at play here:

  1. ping1d is a message subset of the open source Ping Protocol
  2. Ping2 is Blue Robotics’ second generation echosounder device, with improved range performance over the first generation (our original “Ping Sonar”)
    • both generations of our echosounders support the ping1d message set for communications

The communication protocol is the same, but the increased range means there are more possible values for some of the messages.

Yes, as that’s selecting the protocol. Note that support in Ping Viewer for the Ping2’s increased range was only added in a recent version, so make sure you’re using an up to date release if you’re trying to use a Ping2 :slight_smile:

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Don’t want to hijack this post but I think it is related.
I use the fisrt generation of BR Ping connected directly to a pixhawk in ardusub. Like this

Does someone know if the Ping2 will worked just the same? Anybody have tested it yet?

Hi @Charles,

Yes, the Ping2 and original Ping share the same control electronics (it’s mainly the transducer and casing that are different, with a small firmware change to support the longer range that the new transducer makes usable), so the electrical signals and integration side of things should be identical between the device generations.