Is bluebec Linear or Switching Regulator?

I was wondering if this is Linear or Switching. What made me wonder that is it was pointed out that the 5amp switch might not be a good fit to disconnect the bec power rails as it might be more than 5amps as the bec is 6amp.

If its Linear that makes sense then its AMP for AMP right? but if its Switching then there is power efficiency gained by drop 14v to 5v so even at the full 6amp on the 5v side the 14v side should see less than 6 amps.

Hi @nfored,

From the description on our 5V 6A Power Supply product page:

It seems I misunderstood what you meant here - I thought you were saying you had the Switch on the 5V (output) side of the regulator, between the regulator and the 5V electronics, in which case the 6A output current is a relevant consideration when compared to the Switch’s 5A rating.

If the Switch was actually installed at the input to the regulator then that’s less concerning (than the already mild concern I initially described). With a 14V supply the regulator efficiency would need to be <45% to draw over 5A when the output is 6A, and even down at a 10V supply the regulator efficiency would need to be <60%.