5V 6A Power Supply Specifications

Our team is looking to purchase two 5V 6A Power Supply converters to operate our Raspberry Pi 4 and Arduino Uno. We believe these components would be perfect for our project, but we need some more information before purchasing. We are trying to determine which battery would be best for our project. We need to calculate the amount of current going into each converter at the input; however, we need to know the efficiency. That spec is not listed on the website. Does anyone know the efficiency?

Additionally, a concern our professor has discussed with us is the introduction of noise when using any step-down converters. Are there filters in place to eliminate any noise that can affect the output?

Hi @ATAlley, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m told this has already been responded to in the email you sent to our support email.

For anyone else wondering, we don’t have measurements of those values, but it’s a commodity linear voltage regulator that we’ve packaged in a convenient form-factor for our vehicles, so the performance can be considered to be typical.

It’s worth noting that efficiency and noisiness will depend on the input supply and the load, so would require extensive testing on our part to create a set of performance curves. Given we use and sell our 5V 6A Power Supply as “good enough for our purposes”, there’s not much value for us to do that testing, because people wanting to use a similar regulator in other projects/products can either buy it and test for their actual use-case, or find a direct manufacturer of voltage regulators who can hopefully provide a more detailed performance specification.

As an example, this 5V 6A regulator from Pololu has information relevant to both efficiency and noise/switching frequency across a variety of input voltages and loads.