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Intermittent coms through fathom spool

We have a 300m fathom tether and spool that has been only lightly used the past two months in an above ground pool in our parking lot. Late last week we began experiencing communication issues, with the GCS losing connection with BlueROV. We are using fathom-X boards from the full BlueROV2 kit, with the topside connected to the laptop via USB.

It appears that the problem is a bad slip ring. Communication is perfect when connecting the binder connector on the tether directly to the fathom-X topside box. The problem occurs when using the 8m extension cable.

We have just switched wire pairs in the electronics enclosure and fathom-x box and now have good communication again. Is the slip ring under any sort of warranty? Is there regular maintenance that needs to be done on the slip ring to prevent this from happening on the other three wire pairs?

All of our products have a 90-Day Exchange Policy for manufacturing or shipping defects. If you beleive you have a manufacturing defect within this window, please send us and e-mail to support@bluerobotics.com. Otherwise, we can sell replacement components.

The maintenance for the Spool can be found here: Fathom Spool Assembly and Maintenance.