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Interfacing Arduino to Fathom S Topside


I am trying to use the Fathom S for an ROV I am building. I would like to use an arduino to interface to the topside board instead of a computer. I tried to use the arduino usb host example code for ftdi, but it did not seem to produce an output signal on the tx. When I use my computer to interface to the topside board, I can get a signal on the tx pin. Does anyone have experience using the topside board with an arduino and is using a usb host shield the preferred interface method?

(Jacob) #2

Can you share the shield you are using, your code, and how you have things wired?


This is the link for the USB host shield running on a mega 2560:
This is the code:

We used the library manager in arduino to add the USB host code.
We used the USBFTDILoopback example.
We used a scope probe to check activity on the tx pin of the header.
We have screw shields providing optionally 12V, but that does not seem to effect the result.