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Idle motor rotations due to 1500uS default pulse

Even with the example sketch, I’m applying 1500uS continuously and the described problem occurs. The T100 thruster in combination with the basic ESC, randomly runs for a 1-2 seconds, with very little torque.

Video: https://imgur.com/G3mYb3E

Linked issue: Thrusters moving without command

It looks like your PWM is oscillating around 1500us, what is your harware? Is there anything that could be interfering with the PWM signal?
Can you share a picture of the electronics?

I am controlling AUX equipment with an Arduino and surface software.


My software:

  • Gets temperature from 2 probes
  • Gets Water detect signal
  • Controls an M200 motor
  • Controls a light
  • Turns LASER ON/OFF
  • Gets reading from CP probe

I am having a similar issue with the M200.

This is caused by the code to get the temperatures.

If I leave that code out. The M200 doesn’t move.

To reduce this effect, I only get temperatures every 5 seconds.

Could it be that some of your code is causing this as well?

Can you post your code?


The hardware is,
STM32F429ZI Nucleo Board, with STM32Duino arduino-style firmware in it, the timer TIM6 (or TIM7 which I dont remember exactly, the one that servo library uses) is untouched, but for the rest, most of the timers are used in different frequencies. The ON voltage is 3.3V as you might have expect. It might be likely to happen that the power of the motors can interfere with the signal, since the signal line is router inside the PCB to the ESC mounting area, which also has POWER connectors very close to each other. The power is 4S Li-Ion, apart from that on that routing PCB, almost nothing else is attached (only ACS712 chips for each ESC power line, and 2 auxilary outputs.). It might be possible that the ACS712 analog outputs, can interfere with the pwm signal of STM32, since 8 analog outputs, and 8 pwm inputs are directly connected to STM32, relatively close to each other. I’ve contacted with the electrical sub team they’ll be providing the PCB Layout (containing only for 1 ESC traces for simplicity) and I’ll be posting it here. Until then have a good day…