How to troubleshoot BR Temp Sensor and Pressure Sensor?

Our team has been having some trouble with the BR temp sensor and the Bar100 pressure sensor and we cannot seem to be able to contact them over I2C. Using i2cdetect, neither sensor’s address is detected. When running software on them for testing, the sensor object fails to initialize. When this project began, the sensors were working and the code I wrote was able to pull successful readings, but coming back after some months nothing seems to be working (we did have an incident with our circuit during one test but the sensors did not seem to be physically damaged). I have tried many times now to get them to connect and it fails every time. I have doublechecked the connections to the Raspberry Pi and I have used a multimeter on them (no short was found). Do you have any further guidance for troubleshooting?

Hi @lpurchas,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting to your sensors.

If the sensors were working, then you had some kind of electrical issue, and now the sensors are no longer working with the same code, most likely either the sensors or your Raspberry Pi’s I2C pins are damaged (they can have fried internal circuitry, which does not necessarily show up visibly as physical damage).

When troubleshooting an issue it’s best to try to track down the source of the issue.

In this case it’s likely a hardware problem, so I would recommend trying to connect the sensors to a different set of pins (e.g. use different pins (with software I2C) on the Raspberry Pi, or use a different Raspberry Pi, or an Arduino or something), and/or trying to connect some other I2C device to the current Raspberry Pi pins to see if it is able to be detected.