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How to transport bluerov2 by plane?

Can I bring bluerov2(without tether and ballast) as a carry-on luggage on a plane? If couldn’t, what should I pay special attantion to when carrying as a checkin luggage?

I think most airlines restrict carry on luggage to under 9" x 14" x 22", which is smaller than the BlueROV2 (even without a carrying case). I haven’t flown with my BlueROV2 yet, but if were I’d make sure the ROV was packed with lots of foam padding and that the vent plugs were removed. Flying with lithium batteries is another subject you’ll need to consider and both the FAA and airlines have restrictions on what you can take aboard. Here’s a link to the FAA guidelines: https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ash/ash_programs/hazmat/passenger_info/media/airline_passengers_and_batteries.pdf

Thank you very much! But why are the vent plugs need to be removed? I saw the same procedure on assembly manual Final Assembly step 1?

@ooyama - The vent plugs should be removed because pressure changes on the aircraft could cause the enclosures to pop open otherwise.

We’ve flown with the ROVs a few times and everything has gone smoothly. We use a hard case to carry the ROV and send it through checked luggage.


Hi Rusty,

Which hard case do you use? Is it large enough for an ROV + the tether and tools?