Heat dissipation for the T500 ESC's

I have the aluminum electronics enclosure and two 4" battery enclosures. I will be using two of the 22.2V batteries to power four T500 Thrusters. I swapped out the six ESC’s that came with the electronics enclosure for the four Basic ESC 500’s, and although it’s an extremely tight fit I got everything connected and zip tied down.
It looks like at max power each ESC could be handling just under 900 Watts. Should I be concerned with heat build-up between the four ESC’s and the controller all in the same small enclosure?

The end goal is to integrate the thrusters with a system that drops down to a max of 1000ft and comes back up. The thrusters will not be using power when the system is on the surface, only when moving down the water column. I figured the water would provide some heat dissipation, but I’d like some reassurance before I continue on.

Thank you!


Hi @Paige -
What a cool application! Will the thrusters be running at full power when moving down the water column? It’s worth reviewing this footnote from the product page:
The T500 can also be powered using a 6S Lithium-ion/Lithium polymer battery (maximum). Continuous full throttle use should be limited to 1 minute or less when the T500 is operated at 24 V or with a fully charged 6S Lithium-ion/Lithium polymer battery to avoid overheating the thruster.

The aluminum enclosure will provide significant heat transfer, with the walls matching the outside water temperature. If you have issues with heat, circulating the air in the enclosure with a small fan, arranged to blow along one side of the central plate so as to create a circulation of air along the long axis of the tube should help significantly. Something like this fan might be good for that.