Grow Line: Blue Robotics + Regenerative Aquaculture

Hey everyone!

I’m stoked to share what Blue Robotics has been up to in the world of kelp aquaculture! We’ve always been captivated by kelp – from its ability to capture carbon and its potential to replace plastic to its status as a superfood. The future of regenerative aquaculture gets us excited (!!!) and we are confident that ocean technology can play a key role in creating a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and scientifically-driven industry.

Introducing Grow Line!

Grow Line is our initiative focused on integrating ocean technology into aquaculture, with a main focus on kelp farming. Grow Line will serve as a hub to share insights, field guides, testimonials, and practical solutions based on real-world farm experiences. It’s a space where ocean farmers can easily learn about ocean technologies, find the right solutions for their farms, and discover how to use these technologies to address their specific challenges.

Our Partnership with Ocean Rainforest

Grow Line’s success relies on our partnership with the thought leaders in the space - the kelp farmers. They are the ones who understand what tech is needed for ocean farming. Our keystone partner, Ocean Rainforest, is the only offshore kelp farm in federal waters in the United States, and is located off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. The Ocean Rainforest farm is a vital tech lab for us as we work on making regenerative aquaculture more efficient and viable. This partnership gives us direct insights into aquaculture, helping us customize our tech to meet real-world needs.

What to Expect

With several months of farm experience, we’re eager to share our journey with you. In the upcoming posts, we’ll provide detailed field notes from our first three days on the farm, offering an inside look at our experiences, the challenges we encountered, and the solutions we are developing.

We are proud to support the kelp industry and the entire regenerative aquaculture community as a committed technology partner. We also want to give a special thanks to Ocean Rainforest for their collaboration and expertise. We are excited to be part of this dynamic and evolving space.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our Grow Line initiative! If you have any ideas on how you’d like to see us get involved, let us know!


Welcome to the forum @Tyler! :smiley:

Fun that this BR initiative is now ready to be shared, and hopefully people are keen to find out more and/or join in!

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Very cool! I’d be interested to learn about any sonar applications in the kelp aquaculture field. I know quantifying the crop before harvest seems to be an area of interest and research.


Thanks Larry! I know that there are several research initiatives currently focused on developing biomass detection using various sonar detection. In fact, out at the Ocean Rainforest farm there is ongoing work to utilize side scan sonar (on a BlueBoat!) for this exact purpose. Another exciting technology angle to regenerative aquaculture!


Awesome to hear about this initiative!

I live on the south coast of the UK and am in the early stages of planning for setting up a Kelp farm so will follow with interest :slight_smile: thinking about ways to use my BlueROV for kelp farming.

Best regards



Hi Russ,

Thanks for your interest! It’s great to hear about your kelp farm plans. Your idea to use the BlueROV2 is fantastic. We’ll be sharing insights and techniques we’ve learned on the Ocean Rainforest farm soon, which I would be interested to hear your feedback on. Also, I’m interested in comparing notes as to how how you are using your BlueROV2. Keep in touch!