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Good Propellers

(Volley) #1

This is my ROV based on blurobatic but I have a problem
My propellers are for the boat model and are not clockwise and counterclockwise and do not have the right thrust
my country is limited to buying bluerobatic propellers
What do you offer?

(Jacob) #2

What are you going to use for your electronics and software? It can still be possible to operate with all of the propellers the same, you will just have some inefficiencies in dealing with a net torque on the vehicle.

(Volley) #3

I use from pixhawk ,raspberry pi ,tiger motor brushless and bl_heli esc and i am not problem with they
But i can not buy your propellers Because my country is not in your store listing
Can you take me a plan of your propeller to 3d print ?

(Kevin) #4