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General question to fellow operators

Greetings fellow Bluerov operators.
Today I find myself looking for guidance as to how much should I charge for my services as an operator (not owning the equipment). I currently do around 5 hours of inspection work a day for a sea aquaculture farm, but I didn’t start as such, so my salarie is that of a diver. I was asked how much my work I think would be worth, and have no clue how the current market is paying. It’s a big company and I’m in good standing here, so I’d like to give them a good but fair deal.
I stay in site (at sea) for a months at times, i handle 4 bluerovs, maintenance and all, with at least 5 hours of work a day (10 hours a day at times).
What do you guys think would be fair in $$?

Thanks to all!

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I charge 1500USD per day with equipment.

And how much would you pay someone to operate the rov? :man_shrugging:

ROV pilots get paid between 600USD to 900USD per day, depending on experience and the client they are working for. I expect that aquaculture would be on the lower end of that range.

Depend on experience and capabilities.

I would says between 250 and 850 USD

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So asking for 500 a day, wouldn’t be outlandish.

Thanks all :v:

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You can ask. But you have to factor in the present economy, your competition, etc.

I also forgot to mention that this was for offshore.

Inshore would be cheaper.