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Full caracteristics of the T100 and T200

is it possible to have all the caracteristics of the thrusters motors ?
I’m working on a simulation on scilab and would need a few parameters :

  • Statoric resistance
  • Statoric inductance
    -Mutual inductance
    -number of pair of poles of the rotor
    -moment of inertia of the rotor
    -vicious friction coefficient
    -constant flux of the magnet

Thank you much for your response
Best regards

Hi @ManuH Regrettably, we don’t have any more information than what is on our Technical Details tab right now: https://bluerobotics.com/store/thrusters/t100-t200-thrusters/t200-thruster/#tab-technical-details

hi kevin,
thank you for answering.
Is it because you don’t want to post them publicly ? Or just don’t know?
Can I contact your manufacturer ?
thank you

We are the manufacturer.

We haven’t spend the time to attempt to figure out these values as we continue to work on new hardware. The T100 and T200 are also incrementally changing so specifications may be different from year to year as we make changes and revisions.

I recommend looking into other academic papers to see if anyone has found the specifications you are looking for. If they have, they have not been shared with us.

I understand.
I could share my work on scilab when it’s finished if you want.
I also tried to model it with a few SysML diagrams but they are in french, if you’re interested.
Have a good day