First commercial gig

First commercial gig for our BlueROV, vertical shaft with multiple horizontals to inspect at Calaveras Reservoir dam in Milpitas, California today. Only one slight glitch, for some reason it, the Ethernet did not want to cooperate, showed no connection on the original setup so I had to create a new connection and disable the original. I set this up and tested it in my pool at my house and it worked when I left, famous last words. Why did it lose the original connection? Chased my tail on the system before I discovered the issue, thinking maybe something came lose in the 100+ mile road trip, even removed all the tether from the winch to check that connection. Anyway, fun day, job done, chalk this up to pilot induced error.

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We’ve seen some weird connection things sometimes with Wi-Fi. You may have had a connection with the ROV at home with Wi-Fi connected. When you went out into the field and lost the Wi-Fi connection, something may have happened to your network interfaces.

Its an odd case, but we have seen some weird network things with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on and off.


As a matter of routine, I now put my laptop in airplane mode, unless I am looking for updates. It does appear to be more reliable, just need to remember to get the updates!