Fiber Optic: Upgrade Kit / Cable / BROV2

SeaView Systems would like to offer three great customizable features for the BlueROV2. The prebuilt Fiber Optic BlueROV2, or if you already own a BlueROV2, a fiber optic upgrade kit, as well as the fiber optic ROV cable

Fiber Optic Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your ROV for super fast Gb ethernet over virtually unlimited distances! This conversion kit gives you all the parts you need including four 10/100/1000 RF45 ethernet ports in the BlueROV2’s electronics enclosure and 2 ports on the Topside Fiber Interface. Fiber optic tether sold separately.

Kit includes:

  • SVS-209 4 port, 1gb fiber-ethernet converter with 1550Tx/1490Rx (yellow handle) SFP Transceiver Module - (replaces Fathom X tether interface)
  • 5V 6A Power Supply
  • Singlemode fiber penetrator - ST connector on wet end, LC connector on dry end
  • Optical Couplant Gel
  • Lightweight aluminum carabiner
  • 2ea Heavy Duty 18” Zip Ties
  • Tether cable grip with dual eye attachment point.
  • 1Gb Topside fiber interface with 1490Tx/1550Rx (purple handle) SFP Transceiver Module (fiber to 2 port ethernet converter)
  • USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type B for (powering the topside interface)
  • ST to LC Singlemode Fiber Patch Cable
  • ST to ST Fiber connector coupler
  • Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner
  • Cloth Friction Tape.
  • M3 standoff mounting hardware

Details of product on our website:

Fiber Optic ROV Cable

Whether you have upgraded your ROV or have fiber optic prebuilt into your ROV, you will need the fiber optic cable to go along with it. Upgrade your copper tether to fiber for super fast Gb ethernet over virtually unlimited distances! Neutrally buoyant, singlemode optical cable we offer by the meter (up to 5km).


More details here:

Fiber Optic BlueROV2

If still debating about getting an BlueROV2, we outfit newly assembled BlueROV2s with the fiber optic. Receive the benefits of fast Gb ethernet without having to worry about the upgrade when ordering your BlueROV2.

Assembled Fiber Optic BlueROV2 Includes:

  • BlueROV2, rated to 400m (completely assembled)
  • 100m fiber optic cable
  • Two Lumen subsea lights
  • 14.5V, 18Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Lithium battery charger
  • Hand controller
  • Pelican case
  • QA/QC testing

More details on our product page here:


Hi @Jnyberg,

This looks great - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

Out of interest, do you have some sense of how your SVS-209 converter compares to this one from @DeepWaterExploration, and the DeltaROV one (from @etienne)? At a glance it seems like yours is a converter and ethernet switch combined into a single board, presumably at the expense of a larger board area, but I’m curious if there are particular feature differences that should be considered in a tradeoff.

Of course you’re providing a full kit/upgrade here, not just the conversion board. It’s definitely a neat value add to be able to get a full system that should “just work”, rather than needing to determine which other parts should go with it and then source them independently. I’ve made a note to add this to our hardware docs :slight_smile:

The SVS-209 is basically a 5 port Gb ethernet switch - One fiber optic port and four RJ45 ports. It has a PC104 footprint which is a legacy form factor used by many other industrial PC’s and fiber multiplexers. We have a range of other fiber products that also use the PC104 footprint. It’s fortunate that it does fit onto a BR electronics tray.


This is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Could you share some details of the pricing on this fiber upgrade kit? I messaged you through your contact form, but no response yet.

Hi Travis,
You can email me at and I’ll make sure someone gets the pricing to you.