Fiber optic tether wanted!

Hi everybody,

I’m currently searching an off the shelf fiber optic tether.
It need to be neutrally or slightly buoyant in fresh water and fitted with one single mode 8/125 optical fiber with ST connectors at both side.
Length is not very critical if it’s in the range 200 - 500m
Shipping to France !

It’s a pretty urgent need !

Let me know … :crossed_fingers:

They might be able to help. Great company with good people.

Thanks for the idea !
i just send them a message :slightly_smiling_face:

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They make the FiFish and sell a variety of tethers.

Hi Luc,
We are distributors in Italy for BlueRov and we can provide fiber optic tether with underwater connector.
Please, request a quote to our commercial office, including any features you need.
Email us to :

Have a nice day

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Thanks to all for your suggestions !

@sorsricerche : i just send you an email …