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Fathom ROV Tether and Low-Light HD USB Camera

Hello everyone,

I would like some help on data transmission via the Fathom ROV Tether. I have acquired a Low-Light HD USB Camera and I want to transmit the information from the camera through the Fathom ROV Tether, this to communicate two enclosure one where the camera will be, and in the other will be a jetson Nano. I cut the connection cable that came with the camera, soldered the USB port with a part of four independent wires from the Fathom ROV Tether and the other end of these with the respective lines of the connector to the camera. However, I have not been able to get any information from the camera.
I have checked that there is continuity between the connections and I don’t know why I can’t transmit data.


The USB connection is very sensitive to noise and cable length.
Has at least to be shielded.
I would try a cable with separate screen around the pairs, could be a Cat 7 cable.
I have used these for other application then USB:

Another way to go would be to convert to ethernet in the camera housing, but that means a different solution then BR standard.

Thanks for your answer!

I have another question, the cable you mention can be used for underwater applications? as my project will go 500 meters under the ocean. However, if there was another cable that would work at 50 or 100 meters depth it would also be useful due to the initial testing will be working at those depths.

I have used that cable to 50 meters depth, but not with BR glued penetrators.
Maybee the new BR penetrators with screw locking will work?

The cable itself will stand 500 meters, but it will be somewhat compressed, so the penetrators has to accept that.

The professional solution is to use offshore grade shielded ethernet cable, but then price tag and diameter will grow…

thanks for the awesome information.

Another thing you might try if the camera is still not working is to test your cable assembly. Camera – solder cable – usb, and plug in your PC usb port. If your wiring and cable is correct, the lowlight camera will be detect in windows and you can see the image just like a webcam.

If it don’t work. Your wires is probably wrong or have bad connectivity.