Fast, agile T5OO new design

Hi all
Last year I designed a new ROV with a very sleek body and had in machined out of solid alloy.As you can see by the attached video, it is incredibly responsive, even in strong currents

. It is a beautiful thing to fly but the expense of producing them was against it so back to the drawing board.
I have just completed design of a new version which is faster (6 knots +), lighter, (15kg), more powerful (horizontal T500s). Depth rated to 150 meters, it has a payload of 2.8kg with 4 x 10ah batteries. Simplification of the hull has lowered the machining costs by about 30% so that is a big plus as well.
Probably going to be produced within the next two months. Hope you like the design.


Looks really nice. You seal your compartments with air instead of using buoyancy?

Thanks Etienne. It has around 24 liters of air volume inside. The hatch lids are tapered in at 2 degrees so the more pressure, the tighter the seal becomes until it is resting on both the taper and the rim machined into the well. Proved to be a highly effective seal on the last few ROVs that I built.
The orange thruster cowlings are designed to allow water in as I didn’t need any extra buoyancy or the trouble of more failure points. Plus, if I do need the extra buoyancy for some future reason, I can alway fill those pockets with machined foam.

Are the electronics in a separate compartment?

Electronics in the front compartment, batteries in the back. Sealed bulk head between so the battery pack can be changed without exposing the electronics to the air.

Really cool to see the next iteration of this @johng - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I like the skid stand idea, for helping to protect the underside peripherals and dome.

Is the white component on the rear intended to be some kind of acoustic modem, or perhaps some sort of water quality sensor?

Hi Eliot

Glad you like it. Myself and my partners at Sapiient Advanced Technologies debuted its predecessor called X-Calibre at the Indo Pacific Maritime Expo in Sydney over the last three days to a very good reception.
The white tube on the rear is a Water Linked M64 Modem. At the moment I am working on designs of an 8 vectored thruster versions (one is purely T500s with surface power supply and the other smaller one is just T200s with twin batteries) where the integrated skids provide the necessary protection for all those now must have peripherals. Alway fun to see just how much can be jammed into the smallest slipperiest form factor.

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