Extracting raw data of Ping360 with .bin file longer than 24 hours

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I am currently using your Ping360 for some continuous measurements. I now have some files longer than 24 hours, up to 48 hours to be exact. From the size of the .bin file, it looks like it registered for that amount of time as it is twice the size as a 24 hours .bin file. Also, the starting date and time in the .bin file name and the date and time in the “date modified” column are corresponding respectively to the start and the end of our logging.

I never used Python before running your “decode” script and I am still a novice now. For file that are shorter than 24 hours, I get the correct amount of time data was logged in the last line of my csv file. However, in files longer than 24 hours, the last line of data stops around 23:35:xx.xxx. This fluctuates between 23:04 and 23:42 depending on the file.

Is there anything in your decode file that could limit the data extraction of file with more than 24 hours of logging? Do you have any idea on how I could fix this issue?

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Hmm, I’ve just taken a look (I’m the person who wrote it), and there doesn’t seem to be anything intentional in the code that would prevent data extraction for files longer than 24 hours.

That said, our file format documentation specifies the timestamp format as hh:mm:ss.zzz, which is what the decoding script assumes to be the case. That should work if the timestamp just rolls over to 00:00:00.000 once a message goes past 24 hours, but if it actually adds on an extra field/element for the number of full days then that could prevent it from parsing further than that point (although I would expect that to happen much closer to the hour, unless you’re doing intermittent / very slow scans).

Assuming you’re able to replay one of your longer files in Ping Viewer, can you check what the date shows up as? :slight_smile:

If possible it would also be helpful if you could provide one of your very long files for me to test with, but if that doesn’t work then I can try to create my own when I have access to my home setup again (in a couple of weeks - I’m currently away).

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A minor follow-up for the sake of anyone who comes across this later, this is also being discussed via emails, where it’s been noted that this is inherently a problem with Ping Viewer’s current implementation, rather than being a problem with the decoding script.

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Hi Eliot ! Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your answers :slight_smile: Indeed Ping Viewer is blocking me in reading the file after 24 hours. I hoped that the decode file would manage to get the hidden data out…

Unfortunately I cannot share one of these files yet but I will as soon as I am done with my current work if you or your team want to find a solution with the software !

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