Extended warranty

Hello Guys,

I understand that BR2 provides a 90 day warranty and this is great.

It would be nice if you offered to purchase extended warranty on checkout.

Like big electronics stores, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Circuit city, etc, they offer extended warranties that the customer can avail or not.


Hi Etienne,

We’ve generally stayed away from this since the customer is assembling the product and there could be issues introduced in that process that are out of our control. What sort of things would you be interested in having covered?


Hello Rusty,

Personally, I am fine with what you offer. My problem is more on the Distributor level. Clients that are interested want to protect their investments. Our clients are mostly companies; Hydro plants, Universities, etc. We want to be able to offer them security without getting into losses…

For the time being, I’ve added your 90 day policy and extended it for those who complete our Technical training. But this is at a risk for us. I’ve also added a one year service plan at a cost. See my website: http://www.deltarov.com/new/about-2/

I guess it would be good to gain a better protection under certain conditions end perhaps have tamper evident/water reactive serial numbers for the parts to ensure legitimacy of warranty.

For instance, if the unit is assembled by the Distributor, the 90 day warranty is extended to a year.

In the end, we do not have the volume to take a hit on warranty issues and potential clients don’t want to spend money on something that might break after it sat on the shelf for 6 month.