Exploration of a plane wreck (Lake "de Sede" in France)

It is a light aircraft (Socata TB9) which was immersed in the lake by a diving club.
The hangar in which this plane was stored collapsed following a violent storm and the plane suffered numerous damages … its owner gave it to the diving club.
Lac de Sede is located in France (near the city of Toulouse) in the south-west of the country, it is a former gravel exploitation which has been closed and fitted out for tourism, diving and hiking.
It is in this lake that our training center comes to dive with trainees who will become ROV pilots.


Nice, @FlyingManta. I really like the Ping360 overlay and this is a really good example of what certain sonar images look like on the video.

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thank you very much … indeed it’s nice to be able to see live the sonar image in relation to the video image!
Soon I will make video montages with other overlays: Ping1D and USBL (Nav map) and on other wrecks.

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Thanks for sharing this @FlyingManta!

It’s always exciting to see people’s explorations, and I particularly enjoyed the critter towards the end of your video :slight_smile:

Especially since you’re planning to make additional videos, you might want to consider adding chapters to them to help people see what’s covered in the video, and more easily navigate between the parts they’re most interested in :slight_smile:

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